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Have you heard yourself say...

I want to make a positive change in my life.

I need to take action.

I have a problem to solve.

I feel stuck.

I have great ideas but have trouble following through.

I want to achieve my goals.

I feel overwhelmed.

I seek clarity and increased confidence.

...but you’ve struggled to make it happen by yourself.  

You have important goals and dreams.  And it’s REALLY hard to do it alone. 

Coaching can be the game-changer that empowers you to manifest your vision and live the life you desire.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool to make positive change in your life.  It is a collaborative partnership between coach and coachee designed to help you take action on the path you want to follow. 

Through our coaching work together, you will clarify your values and goals.  You will cultivate purposeful mindsets, habits and routines. You will manifest your vision of a full and meaningful life.  

Our coaching process is rooted in these key elements:

  • Get Clear.

  • Make a plan.  

  • Take Action.

  • Stay the Course.

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Is Coaching Right for Me?

People often find coaching when they are ready for change. 

Sometimes the change is self-initiated; other times life brings you change. Change is often a powerful motivator.  It can be exciting and long-desired.  It can also be scary and disorienting. Coaching can help you navigate the changes in your life with confidence, clarity, and grace.

Here are some examples of when you might choose coaching:

  • Changing careers

  • Starting college

  • Graduating

  • Retiring

  • Becoming a parent or a caregiver

  • Living and working with ADHD

  • Choosing a healthier lifestyle

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How Does Coaching Work?

We will partner in a collaborative relationship to create action and learning.  You will bring the agenda - the work you want to do, the change you want to make.  Through deep listening, intuition and curiosity, I will help you expand your awareness and take forward action.

Coaching is NOT a one size fits all model.  Instead, we work to uncover your strengths and let them guide the way.  You will create a customized plan based on your strengths and skills.  You will develop strategies that fit your learning style and your life. 

I offer monthly coaching packages which include weekly meetings via phone or video call.  In between sessions, I provide text or email support based on our agreement. 

I believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to use coaching as a tool for transformative change.  I am committed to making the world of coaching a more diverse, equitable and inclusive space. I offer pricing plans that support this mission.  Please contact me to learn more.

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What is ADHD Coaching?

If you are a person with ADHD, chances are you have experimented with different interventions to live productively and meaningfully with your ADHD.  You've tried various ways to get organized and get things done. You've used different strategies to get motivated and take action. Perhaps you've been prescribed medication.  

Maybe these approaches have worked for a while but haven’t stuck.  Maybe they were too overwhelming.  Maybe you don’t know where to start.

Coaching is different. Coaching does not tell you what to do or how to “fix” things.  Instead, coaching empowers YOU to discover what strategies work for you.  It unlocks a deeper understanding of your self and your ADHD.  

ADHD is NOT a deficit. Together we will discover your strengths and how you can best put them to use to achieve your goals.  Coaching will empower you to dig deeper to learn what is getting in your way and why. 

Through this new understanding and acceptance of self, you will design practices, strategies and mindsets that work for you.  You will work hard.  We will hold you accountable.  I will support and encourage you each step of the way.

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“I wait every Sunday at 5pm to talk with Christine because it’s one of the few times in my week that I know someone is really listening to me, holding my vision, respecting my core values, and acknowledging me. Rare is the person who can balance all this without a hint of judgement. My coaching with Christine has enabled me to move towards my retirement with grace and endless possibilities in my future. Christine will be part of that future.”

Kathy D.

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Want to explore more about how coaching can transform your life?

Contact me today to schedule your 

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